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Neck Pain

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Sports Recovery

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Common Questions

What conditions do you treat?

I specialize in sports medicine; chronic pain, acute injuries, and sports recovery. I also commonly address stress, anxiety, insomnia, and mindset relating to behavior development.

Do You Accept Insurance?

Yes. I accept insurance however, not all insurance plans cover acupuncture. Use the link at the top of the page to submit your insurance information to verify what coverage your plan provides.

I've Had Dry Needing Before. Is That The Same As Acupuncture?

Great! Though dry needling and acupuncture look the same, they are slightly different from each other in terms of theory and application. I do perform dry needling techniques if it is indicated for the patient’s condition.

What We Offer

Custom Treatment Plans

Every patient is treated based on their own unique presentation of their condition. Treatment plans and strategies are fully customized to meet the patient’s needs and best interest.

Sports Recovery Therapy

Recovery is the new ADVANTAGE. Regular soft tissue maintenance and recovery practices not only enhance athletic performance, but also improves stress, immune system functions, and overall wellbeing.

Classes & Workshops

We periodically offer small group classes and workshops on topics of self-care. Classes include meditations, mobility, and movement instruction. 

Meet Your Therapist

Sara Asadoorian, L.Ac., CSCS

Sara is a nationally board certified, licensed acupuncturist specializing in sports medicine – pain, injury, and sports recovery. She is one of few licensed acupuncturists who also maintains high level certifications in strength and conditioning, and corrective therapeutic exercise. Sara also has extensive training in massage therapy, Fascial Stretch Therapy™, and Neurokinetic Therapy®.








How It Works


Schedule a Consultation

Not sure what you need? This is a great place to start. During your consultation Sara will briefly review your condition and relevant history to help you determine the best course of action. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and learn more about the options available to you at ADVANTAGE Sports Acupuncture. 


Custom Treatment Plan

   Based on a thorough assessment, Sara will develop a treatment plan specific for your conditions and  your unique needs. Every treatment plan is customized for each individual patient and may include a series of 1:1 Advanced Therapy  sessions, at-home therapy program, and additional modalities or supplements if applicable.

This will get you out of pain.


Ongoing Optimization

Non-specific soft tissue maintenance and recovery  therapy not only enhances athletic performance but plays an important roll in general health and wellness. Regular sessions promotes circulation, reduces inflammation, and prevents injuries.

This will keep you out of pain.


Recovery Is The New ADVANTAGE

ELEVATE Your Recovery With NormaTec & Joovv




NormaTec is the ultimate recovery device. The technology can increase circulation and improve mobility for those who work out regularly, are training for a competition or race, experience swollen legs from traveling frequently, stand for long hours on the job, or suffer from inflammation, sore muscles, or other circulatory issues. NormaTec is used extensively in professional athletics and is utilized for both rehab and recovery by 97% of pro teams, as well as Olympic and elite athletes across a broad spectrum of sports.

Light therapy works at the cellular level. Photons of therapeutic red and near infrared light are absorbed by the mitochondria in your cells, producing 2 major effects:

  • More ATP energy: Light therapy increases adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the energy produced during cellular respiration that powers your cells (and indeed, all life on earth). More ATP means more energy and healthier function.

  • Enhanced cell signaling: Specific wavelengths of light help to create a better oxidative environment in your cells. This results in the activation of numerous intracellular signaling pathways, increased protein synthesis, and enhanced cell cycle progression.

NormaTec & Joovv Pricing

What Patients Are Saying

When I met Sara I was beat down, stressed out and in search of managing my pain so I could Keep being active. What I found was far more. Not only did she set free my physical pain, she freed my mental state and taught me the importance of self care, which has vastly impacted all areas of my life. In a world where most practitioners treat symptoms, Sara is a part of the few elite healers who can listen to the body, find the root of a problem and guide the body to heal itself.


After going through physical therapy, chiropractic adjustments, and a few injections I was still struggling with my back pain. Within 5 minutes of meeting with Sara my pain vanished!! I have no idea how she does it but finding her was truly a blessing. I feel better than I have in years. 

-Kim, ADVANTAGE Patient

I’m so happy I found Sara! Her in depth knowledge (and constant desire to learn and educate herself) has been a huge help to keeping me “tuned up”. She’s always very pleasant and really works to get to know her client prior to starting a treatment option so she can make sure the option is right one for them! Highly recommend seeing her.

Chris, ADVANTAGE Patient

I’ve been seeing Sara for the past 5 years and she is incredible at what she does!!

James, ADVANTAGE Patient

I felt an emotional balance and rediction in my stresses and anxieties after just a single session. And the best part, the effects persisted! The “Acu Tune Up” has left me nourished, stimulated, and calmed.

Angela, ADVANTAGE Patient

Working with Sara over the last few years has helped tremendously in reducing the occurrence of nagging injuries and in making my recovery time more efficient. I co-own a fitness studio and many of our members have benefited so much from her therapy.

Luis, ADVANTAGE Patient

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